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Distances from Biskra

Distances from Biskra to the largest cities and places in Algeria. Have a closer look at the distances from Biskra to the largest places in Algeria.

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Distances from Biskra to the largest places in Algeria
Oumache Oumache1.10,42418 km 11 mishow
Sidi Okba Sidi Okba2.34,98519 km 12 mishow
Tolga Tolga3.68,24635 km 22 mishow
Ain Touta Aïn Touta4.72,28061 km 38 mishow
Barika Barika5.98,84668 km 43 mishow
Arris Arris6.36,64172 km 45 mishow
Zeribet el Oued Zeribet el Oued7.23,18774 km 46 mishow
Boumagueur Boumagueur8.8,48275 km 46 mishow
Sidi Khaled Sidi Khaled9.64,47685 km 53 mishow
Tazoult-Lambese Tazoult-Lambese10.41,63685 km 53 mishow
Batna Batna11.280,79888 km 55 mishow
Merouana Merouana12.47,64689 km 55 mishow
Ras el Aioun Râs el Aïoun13.34,16792 km 57 mishow
Salah Bey Salah Bey14.23,339119 km 74 mishow
Ras el Oued Râs el Oued15.56,726137 km 85 mishow
Bordj Ghdir Bordj Ghdir16.34,136139 km 86 mishow
'Ain el Melh ’Aïn el Melh17.39,798143 km 89 mishow
M'Sila M’Sila18.100,000144 km 89 mishow
Khenchela Khenchela19.117,000144 km 90 mishow
El Eulma El Eulma20.128,351145 km 90 mishow
Ain Kercha Aïn Kercha21.32,497148 km 92 mishow
Djamaa Djamaa22.52,882149 km 92 mishow
Chelghoum el Aid Chelghoum el Aïd23.71,660151 km 94 mishow
Setif Sétif24.288,461152 km 94 mishow
Telerghma Telerghma25.51,708152 km 94 mishow
Sidi Amrane Sidi Amrane26.29,734153 km 95 mishow
Ain Arnat Aïn Arnat27.35,088153 km 95 mishow
Bordj Bou Arreridj Bordj Bou Arreridj28.168,346162 km 101 mishow
Ain Fakroun Aïn Fakroun29.68,433162 km 101 mishow
El Achir El Achir30.158,333168 km 104 mishow
Reguiba Reguiba31.62,185169 km 105 mishow
Oum el Bouaghi Oum el Bouaghi32.100,821170 km 106 mishow
Ain Smara Aïn Smara33.28,968173 km 107 mishow
Bougaa Bougaa34.38,597175 km 109 mishow
Bordj Zemoura Bordj Zemoura35.19,782177 km 110 mishow
Mansourah Mansourah36.22,117180 km 112 mishow
El Khroub El Khroub37.83,746180 km 112 mishow
Rouached Rouached38.40,263181 km 113 mishow
BABOR - VILLE BABOR - VILLE39.33,000183 km 114 mishow
Ain Beida Aïn Beïda40.105,765184 km 115 mishow
Mila Mila41.68,831185 km 115 mishow
Debila Debila42.36,834186 km 116 mishow
Constantine Constantine43.450,097187 km 116 mishow
Megarine Megarine44.31,711188 km 117 mishow
Melouza Melouza45.25,701188 km 117 mishow
'Ain Abid ’Aïn Abid46.29,486189 km 118 mishow
Cheria Cheria47.72,095190 km 118 mishow
Hamma Bouziane Hamma Bouziane48.63,012191 km 119 mishow
`Ain el Hadjel ‘Aïn el Hadjel49.42,527191 km 119 mishow
Sidi Merouane Sidi Mérouane50.25,129192 km 119 mishow

1 - 50 of 256 places
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