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Regions in Algeria

Algeria is made up of 48 primary administrative regions. Have a closer look at the regions in Algeria. Information on all primary administrative regions in Algeria.

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Primary administrative regions in Algeria

There are 48 regions in Algeria in the primary administrative level.
Primary administrative regions in Algeria
RegionNoPopulationCapitalCapital population
Adrar Adrar1.399,714Adrar Adrar43,903
Ain Defla Wilaya de Aïn Defla2.766,013Ain Defla Aïn Defla52,276
Ain Temouchent Wilaya de Aïn Temouchent3.371,239Ain Temouchent Aïn Temouchent57,354
Alger Wilaya d’ Alger4.2,988,145Algiers Algiers1,977,663
Annaba Annaba5.609,499Annaba Annaba206,570
Batna Wilaya de Batna6.1,119,791Batna Batna280,798
Bechar Wilaya de Béchar7.270,061Bechar Béchar143,382
Bejaia Wilaya de Bejaïa8.912,577Bejaia Bejaïa164,103
Biskra Wilaya de Biskra9.721,356Biskra Biskra307,987
Blida Wilaya de Blida10.1,002,937Blida Blida182,447
Bordj Bou Arreridj Wilaya de Bordj Bou Arréridj11.628,475Bordj Bou Arreridj Bordj Bou Arreridj168,346
Bouira Wilaya de Bouira12.695,583Bouira Bouïra52,500
Boumerdes Wilaya de Boumerdes13.802,083Boumerdas Boumerdas786,499
Chlef Wilaya de Chlef14.1,002,088Chlef Chlef178,616
Constantine Wilaya de Constantine15.938,475Constantine Constantine450,097
Djelfa Wilaya de Djelfa16.1,164,000Djelfa Djelfa154,265
El Bayadh El Bayadh17.228,624El Bayadh El Bayadh64,632
El Oued El Oued18.647,548El Oued El Oued134,699
El Tarf El Tarf19.408,414El Tarf El Tarf20,300
Ghardaia Wilaya de Ghardaïa20.363,598Ghardaia Ghardaïa93,423
Guelma Wilaya de Guelma21.482,430Guelma Guelma123,590
Illizi Illizi22.52,333Illizi Illizi6,629
Jijel Wilaya de Jijel23.636,948Jijel Jijel148,000
Khenchela Wilaya de Khenchela24.386,683Khenchela Khenchela117,000
Laghouat Wilaya de Laghouat25.455,602Laghouat Laghouat113,872
Wilaya de M'Sila Wilaya de M’Sila26.990,591M'Sila M’Sila100,000
Mascara Wilaya de Mascara27.784,073Mascara Mascara150,000
Medea Wilaya de Médéa28.819,932Medea Médéa147,707
Mila Wilaya de Mila29.766,886Mila Mila68,831
Mostaganem Wilaya de Mostaganem30.737,118Mostaganem Mostaganem130,000
Wilaya de Naama Wilaya de Naama31.192,891Naama Naama8,390
Oran Oran32.1,454,078Oran Oran645,984
Ouargla Wilaya de Ouargla33.558,558Ouargla Ouargla129,402
Oum el Bouaghi Oum el Bouaghi34.621,612Oum el Bouaghi Oum el Bouaghi100,821
Relizane Wilaya de Relizane35.726,180Relizane Relizane130,094
Saida Wilaya de Saïda36.330,641Saida Saïda127,497
Setif Wilaya de Sétif37.1,489,979Setif Sétif288,461
Sidi Bel Abbes Wilaya de Sidi Bel Abbès38.604,744Sidi Bel Abbes Sidi Bel Abbès191,769
Skikda Wilaya de Skikda39.898,680Skikda Skikda162,702
Souk Ahras Wilaya de Souk Ahras40.438,127Souk Ahras Souk Ahras156,745
Tamanghasset Wilaya de Tamanrasset41.176,637Tamanrasset Tamanrasset73,128
Tebessa Wilaya de Tébessa42.648,703Tebessa Tébessa634,332
Tiaret Wilaya de Tiaret43.846,823Tiaret Tiaret178,915
Tindouf Wilaya de Tindouf44.49,149Tindouf Tindouf45,966
Tipaza Wilaya de Tipaza45.591,010Tipasa Tipasa25,225
Tissemsilt Wilaya de Tissemsilt46.294,476Tissemsilt Tissemsilt61,155
Tizi Ouzou Wilaya de Tizi Ouzou47.1,127,608Tizi Ouzou Tizi Ouzou144,000
Tlemcen Wilaya de Tlemcen48.949,135Tlemcen Tlemcen132,341